Dominican Republic

Dominicans will extend a gracious welcome, saying, "This is your home!" and indeed are happy to share their beautiful island bathed by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south.

Among its most precious assets are 1,000 miles (1,600 km) of gorgeous beaches studded with coconut palms and sands ranging from pearl-white to golden brown to volcanic black. The Caribbean sun kisses this exotic land, which averages 82°F year-round. It's a fertile country blessed with resources, particularly cocoa, coffee, rum, tobacco, and sugarcane.

Night life | January 22 / 2016
The Dominican Republic offers an array of nightlife options where you can drink, socialize, dance, gamble, or celebrate the various festivals...

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Travel information | January 22 / 2016
Most travelers to the Dominican Republic take guided tours or participate in organized excursions. Independent travel is easier if you rent a car...

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Dominicana beaches | January 22 / 2016
There are some 1,000 miles of excellent beaches, many of which are white.Dominican Republic beaches are the island’s best attribute, with many of the best located in...

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Top Destination | January 22 / 2016
Adventure, water sports, young, hip and famously fun...Great beaches, nice snorkeling & diving... All-inclusive hotels., golf courses, casinos and plenty of...

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Climate | January 22 / 2016
The majority of the Dominican Republic enjoys beautiful tropical weather all year round, with the average annual temperature hovering around...

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About Dominicana | January 22 / 2016
A land of contrasts, the Dominican Republic has mountain landscapes, brown rivers with white-water rapids, rain forests full of wild orchids, and fences of multicolor...

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