Dominican Republic

Dominicans will extend a gracious welcome, saying, "This is your home!" and indeed are happy to share their beautiful island bathed by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south.

Among its most precious assets are 1,000 miles (1,600 km) of gorgeous beaches studded with coconut palms and sands ranging from pearl-white to golden brown to volcanic black. The Caribbean sun kisses this exotic land, which averages 82°F year-round. It's a fertile country blessed with resources, particularly cocoa, coffee, rum, tobacco, and sugarcane.

Best Hotels | June 15 / 2016
Accommodations offer a remarkable range—surfers' camps, exclusive boutique hotels, and amazing megaresorts condos and villa complex or individual villas...

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Best Restaurants | June 15 / 2016
Eat well in Dominican Republic with the perfect meal for every craving. From fine dining to casual restaurants, discover the best places to eat in Dominican ...

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History | June 13 / 2016
Christopher Columbus discovered the island of Hispaniola (the island now containing the Dominican Republic and Haiti) in 1492, and established it as his main base...

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Shopping | June 13 / 2016
For tourists visiting the Dominican Republic, shopping is one of the many fun activities they can fill their time with. And although there is the misconception...

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Dominicana Gallery | May 17 / 2016
The Dominican Republic is the most diverse Caribbean island. This diversity is reflected in the beautiful landscapes that this country has, and which make up the...

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events | January 25 / 2016
Find out what's going on in Dominican Republic..Pack your bags and join in on any of the unforgettable events Dominican Republic offers each year...

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Adventures | January 22 / 2016
The number of things you can do in the Dominican Republic is simply endless. Most tourism destinations offer an incredible variety of ...

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Santo Domingo | January 22 / 2016
Parque Independencia separates the old city from modern Santo Domingo, a sprawling, noisy city with a population of close to 2 million...

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Activities | January 22 / 2016
Although many people visit the Dominican Republic for a relaxing, tropical beach vacation, the country offers an incredible variety of ...

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