Design the destination wedding of your dreamsĀ  in Barbados, where tropical beach front wedding locations are complemented by personalized service and a sense of authentic intimacy. Barbados is a superb destination for your tropical wedding and honeymoon.

Escape to our island paradise and let the magic of your love sweep you away on an incredible journey of a lifetime. Your dream wedding in Barbados can become reality with Tropical Weddings, Barbados!Barbados, quite simply, is the wedding destination of choice for your dream Barbados wedding. Imagine yourself in a white dress, flowers in your hair, satin sandals on your feet and a smile on your face as you walk hand in hand with your beloved.

Barbados boasts some of the very best Caribbean vacation accommodation including hotels, resorts, guest houses, self catering apartments...

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Restaurants in Barbados | July 30 / 2016
There is an abundance of fine restaurants in Barbados that offer local cuisine, seafood and continental cuisine. The wide range of dining options ensures...

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Sports and Fun | July 30 / 2016
You haven't really experienced Barbados until you've explored it from the air. These air-conditioned helicopters can accommodate parties of...

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Night life | June 14 / 2016
Night life...When the sun goes down in Barbados, the party is just beginning. From beach, wine and sports bars to jazz, reggae and nightclubs, even live theatre ...

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History in Barbados | June 13 / 2016
National Heroes Square , renamed in 1999, was originally called Trafalgar Square. Its location marks the center of Bridgetown.A statue of Lord Horatio Nelson predates...

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Shopping at Barbados | June 13 / 2016
With high-quality, tax-free merchandise, excellent service by friendly and knowledgeable sales staff, and comfortable, air-conditioned stores...

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Barbados Gallery | May 17 / 2016
Stay in luxury, or stay in style, but stay with us for for the longest while to enjoy Barbados' classic Caribbean charm and hospitality. Wild beauty...

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Events | January 12 / 2016
Thousands of people flock to Barbados each year specifically to attend a particular event or festival. Events and festivals are a great way to get to experience local...

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Activities | January 12 / 2016
We know Barbados island intimately and its ready to let you in on all the secrets that paradise has to offer with our own hand-picked adventures. From deep-sea...

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